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It’s vital to renovate your yard occasionally to keep it looking modern and fresh. Many homeowners neglect their yards because they think sprucing up the landscape is costly. However, you can transform your landscape’s look affordably using gravel Phoenix. This versatile material can be used on pathways, outdoor sitting areas, and in between flagstone pavers. They come in many sizes and colors to suit your landscaping needs.Here’s how you can use gravel to add beauty to your yard:

Mix It With Flagstone

Usually, some spaces remain between paver pathways. While you can use several materials to fill in these spaces, few are as ideal as gravel. Mixing gravel with flagstone creates a unique appeal and can boost your home’s aesthetics. Furthermore, gravel will form a solid cover, preventing the growth of weeds and soil erosion.

When using gravel with the pavers, select a matching color. Install a thoroughly compacted base rock layer in the spaces between the pavers to keep the gravel intact, and prevent them from overflowing over the flagstones. Professional landscapers know how to perform this task, and will ensure you end up with a solid pavement.

Use It As Mulch

Organic mulch does a great job of protecting the soil’s nutrients and keeping in moisture. However, they can easily attract pests. Gravel can be an excellent alternative to organic mulch. You can use it as a top dressing on the garden beds.

After planting the garden, add one layer of gravel to the soil’s surface. Be careful not to put a thicker layer as this may lead to soil compaction. The correct gravel layer will aid in suppressing weeds, showing off plants, and minimizing moisture loss through evaporation and erosion. Some homeowners prefer using gravel in cactus gardens. However, you can use it in other gardens as well.

Creating Drainage

Drainage trenches move water away from the home. You can use gravel in your trench to get ridof rainwater or excess tap water. It can also free saturated garden beds from water, keeping them green and healthy. Runoff water can erode your pavements and damage your home’s structure. Luckily, gravel trenches can move the excess water, saving your structures.

Use It In Parking Areas

Installing a concrete parking area or driveway requires a substantial budget. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t have such a budget. Gravel can help you to create a durable, affordable driveway. It comes with natural drainage, offers stability, and is much cheaper compared to other materials like concrete and asphalt.

Setting up a gravel driveway is simple. Dig out the parking area and driveway, and top it off with enough layers of gravel. You can keep your driveway in top condition by adding more gravel when necessary, getting rid of weeds, and raking it often. Gravel driveways are perfect for individuals looking for a budget-friendly option.

Wrapping Up

Gravel is a cheap material that you can use in many ways to beautify your yard. It can improve the look of your pathways, driveways, water features, and even gardens. To get the best appeal, explore different colors and types of gravel. The best option should create an elegant landscape, and accent your style and taste.

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