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Bajaj Finance has always been at the forefront of offering its customers the best value for their investments, and now with its digital Fixed Deposit (FD) offering, the company is taking its commitment to trust and security to the next level.

As we step into the New Year, Bajaj Finance has launched a new increased rate of interest offering as high as 8.85% p.a. on its digital platform. The new increased rate is aimed at encouraging its customers to make the most of their investments by locking in their savings at the highest possible returns.

The Bajaj Finserv App is the gateway to this digital Fixed Deposit offering, providing customers with an easy and secure way to open an FD account and manage their savings. With the app, customers can open a Fixed Deposit account with just a few clicks, avoiding the hassle of physical documentation, and gain access to the highest returns in the market.

When it comes to online Fixed Deposits, Bajaj Finance has always prioritized trust and security for its customers. The digital platform is designed to offer customers a seamless and secure experience, providing them with the peace of mind they need when it comes to investing their hard-earned savings.

Here’s a closer look at how Bajaj Finance’s commitment to trust and security comes through in its digital FD offering:

Secure and Easy Online Process:

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to online investments is the security of personal and financial information. Bajaj Finance understands the importance of keeping its customers’ data safe, which is why it has invested in the latest digital security measures to protect its customers against fraud.

The online process to open a digital FD account is simple, seamless, and secure. Customers can open an account through the Bajaj Finserv App, which enables them to easily fill in their details, upload their KYC documents, and complete the process in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, the app offers a two-factor authentication process to eliminate any chances of fraud. Once the authentication process is complete, customers can access their Fixed Deposit account and start earning returns on their investment.

Higher Rate of Interest:

Investing in a Fixed Deposit has always been considered a comparatively safe and secure way to grow your savings, and Bajaj Finance’s digital Fixed Deposit offering takes this a step further by offering higher returns in the market.

Customers can earn increased returns of up to 8.85% p.a. on their digital Fixed Deposits. This higher rate of interest helps customers grow their savings at a much faster rate than they would with traditional savings accounts.

Offers Flexibility:

One of the biggest advantages of the Bajaj Finserv App is the flexibility it offers its customers. With the app, customers can manage their Fixed Deposit account from anywhere at any time. They have the option to view their investment history, track their earnings, and even make deposits or withdrawals.

The app also offers a unique feature, ‘Auto-renewal’ that allows customers to automatically renew their Fixed Deposit account at maturity. This ensures that their savings continue to grow with the same high rate of interest, without the hassle of renewing their account each time manually.

Online Fixed Deposit Calculator:

The Bajaj Finserv App comes equipped with an online Fixed Deposit Calculator that helps customers quickly calculate their maturity amount based on their investment amount, tenure, and interest rate. This feature is particularly useful for customers who want to understand the returns they can expect on their investment before opening a Fixed Deposit account.

Booking a Fixed Deposit on the Bajaj Finserv App is super easy and the steps are detailed below:

1) Download the Bajaj Finserv app from the Play Store/ App store

To open a Bajaj Finance Digital FD, you need to first visit the website or simply download the Bajaj Finserv app. If you’re a new customer, you’ll need to register on the mobile app with your 10 digit mobile number. Once you’ve entered your details, click on “Proceed”. Enter the OTP received on your number and click on proceed. You can set your 4-digit MPin for a seamless log in experience to the app.

2) Select the Digital FD option

Once you’ve logged in on the app, go to the ‘Investment’ section and select the “Digital Fixed Deposit” option. You’ll then be shown the benefits of Digital FD. Click on ‘Open FD’ to enter the amount you wish to invest and the preferred tenure (duration of the investment). Bajaj Finance offers tenor options ranging from 12 months to 60 months. Experience higher interest rates of up to 8.85% p.a. on selection of tenure of 42 months on your chosen amount.

You can also opt for different pay out frequencies (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly) depending on your financial needs.

3) KYC (Know Your Customer) process

Once you’ve completed the payment process, you’ll need to complete the KYC process. Enter your personal details, residential details, Occupation details with your Aadhar Card/Pan Card

4) Choose the payment method

After selecting your investment amount and tenor, you’ll be prompted to choose a payment method. Bajaj Finance accepts payments through net banking, debit cards, NEFT, and mobile wallets. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you and follow the instructions to complete the payment.

You can complete the KYC process online by providing your basic details like name, address, and PAN (Permanent Account Number) and uploading scanned copies of your ID proof and address proof. Once you’ve completed the KYC process, your account will be activated, and you can start investing in the Digital FD.

5) Track your investment

Once you’ve opened a Bajaj Finance Digital FD, you can track your investment through the Bajaj Finance website or app. You can track your investment details like the amount invested, the interest rate, the tenor, and the maturity date. You can also download your account statement and receive email alerts for all transactions related to your FD.


Bajaj Finance’s commitment to trust and security is evident in its new digital Fixed Deposit offering. The Bajaj Finserv App provides customers with an easy and secure way to invest their hard-earned savings, with the highest returns in the market. The app’s flexible features, two-factor authentication process, and online Fixed Deposit calculator further enhance the customer experience and help them make the most of their investment.

So, this New Year, take advantage of the ‘New Year, New Rates’ campaign, and experience the trust and security of online Fixed Deposits with Bajaj Finance.

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