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Playing the competition to renegotiate a mortgage is crucial to save money. Discover the best-rated national banks in France to renegotiate a loan and achieve long-term savings.

Renegotiate your credit to reduce costs

In a difficult current situation with the price of electricity, petrol and gas constantly rising, the French are looking to make savings in key positions. Renegotiating your mortgage is a concern taken seriously by many of them, and all the more so since the rates charged are so attractive. To reduce the costs of a mortgage , you must be able to claim a rate reduction of at least 0.7 points, be in the first loan repayment period and have a remaining capital of at least 70,000 euros. to repay. After which, if all the boxes are checked, do not hesitate to make an appointment with your bank, as well as some of your competitors torenegotiate your home loan .

The ranking of banks offering to renegotiate their credit

When you think it’s the right time to renegotiate a mortgage and you meet all the conditions we have just mentioned, you will have to go bank hunting. Carrying out an overview of the best banks to renegotiate a loan is a tedious but nevertheless essential step for a successful financial operation. Each bank defines its own rate schedule, which is why it is quite normal to observe a difference between the different banking organizations. However, by competing to obtain the best mortgage rate, some borrowers manage to drive prices down.

Discover the banks able to carry out a renegotiation of credit .

A subsidiary of the La Poste group, the Banque Postale is a national bank created in 2006. In order to meet a very high demand for mortgages (more than 90% of property purchases are made through a bank loan), the Banque Postale has considerably developed its offer and services. Modern, it highlights many guides allowing users to see more clearly on the different mortgage offers . Aware of the large number of borrower profiles on the market, La Banque Postale is diversifying its mortgage loan offers to target specific requests as precisely as possible.

Bnp paribas bank

This internationally renowned bank is one of the largest banking institutions to date. Renowned for being an investment and financing bank, Banque BNP Paribas is the leading banking group in France. With very attractive prices on interest rates, BNP Paribas Bank is one of the most competitive banks in the sector to buy a property.

The crédit agricole bank

A French bank, but also a European bank, Crédit Agricole has been historically established in the banking sector since 1863. As the leading  bank-insurer , Crédit Agricole offers a wide variety of financial products and services. It is also the bank that capitalizes the most mortgages to its credit in France (nearly 35% of the market). Purchase of a second home, investment in rental or acquisition of your main residence, Crédit Agricole is one of the best banks to take out a mortgage to date.

Now, the subsidiary of Crédit Agricole, LCL is also a historic bank in France. Since its foundation in 1863, its name at the time as Crédit Lyonnais then the takeover of its group in 2003, LCL has evolved enormously, today offering many advanced services in the banking sector. Its award-winning application entitled “ LCL My Account ”, demonstrates ergonomic and simplified services for its users. With regularly changing rate schedules, LCL nevertheless remains one of the most attractive banks for real estate interest rates.

Societe generale

Included in the “3 old” as they are nicknamed, Société Générale is in the top 3 of the oldest banks in France. Present in some sixty countries, Société Générale is one of the largest banking groups in France and internationally. Its wide range of loan offers allows Société Générale to offer different types of mortgage loans. PTZ, bridging loan, loan in fine, borrowing at fixed or variable rates, there are many possible borrowing proposals.

The savings bank

Like its colleagues, it sets its own interest rates depending on the economic situation. This is why it is interesting to include the Caisse d’Epargne in the comparison of real estate loans .

As you will have understood, to get the best rate during your mortgage renegotiation , do not hesitate to compete! Banking establishments able to make an effort on loan loans and wishing to see you join their establishment will be more likely to react if you have already carpeted the sector. The Banque Populaire , the HSBC or the Crédit Mutuel are also among the borrowing banks with which it is interesting to inquire to initiate a renegotiation of a mortgage .

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