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Many seasoned runners in short to long distances or those who have participated in marathons several times, wish to try something else to get the experience of advantageous running amid nature. For them, trail running is the best resort. However, because running on trial is considerably a different endeavor, getting fitted with certain gears and accessories is important for runners.

Find the Suitable Shoes

Being a beginner for trail one needs to know that shoes meant for trail running are different from road-running shoes in terms that they are usually designed beefier to emphasize traction, body balance and protection of the feet, In the trail running category, a variety of shoes are available- designed based on variable terrain. For kick-starters, going for stripped-down shoes is a good choice that offers an enhanced feel and is designed according to one’s biomechanics. On the contrary, in the maximalist category lots of cushioned shoes are available out there that help reduce negative impact on hip joints, ankles, and lower fatigue.

Gear Up to Get Started

Going on a trail is not merely pulling on a T-shirt and wearing a pair of running shoes. According to Steven Rindner, before leaving for training make sure to get properly geared to have a delightful, hassle-free running experience. Following are the must-have gears

Water Bottle 

Carrying a water bottle is a must, no matter how short or long run it is. Equip with hydration vests, hydration packs, and a waist pack to hold a water bottle. Using a small waist pack, especially for long runs is a good choice to carry not only water bottles but also store keys, energy gel, foods, first-aid things, and navigation tools among others.


Make sure to get outfitted with synthetics breathable instead of cotton clothes, since they take time to dry. Also, wear synthetic socks, and depending on whether it’s cool or rainy using a windbreaker and lightweight raincoat is recommended. Dressing in layers happens to be a smart choice since on getting warm up in the long run one can shed layers and act reversely when feels cool.


For a short-duration run like less than an hour no need to carry food expecting energy gel, however, when going for a long duration, having energy foods like black chocolate, bars, chews, and gels is vital. Also go for healthier foods like nuts, bars, peanut butter, sandwiches, etc.

Sun Protection items

When running on the hills, protecting against SUVs is vital. The sun-protective items may include sunscreen, lip balm, and sun-protective clothes including hats. Never forget to carry those items when running on hilly trails because of the fact that UV rays of the sun escalate with elevation than on plain lands or tropic beaches.

Navigation Tools

Whether it is the first time or when running onto an unknown trail, never forget to carry navigational tools like GPS, compass, or map. To know how to use a compass or GPS, research well through the internet. Also, don’t forget to carry a mobile phone.

First-Aid Kit

Last but not least, the importance of carrying a first aid kit must not be underestimated trail running involves risks of simple injury or a major fall. Make sure to carry certain essentials including antibiotic ointment, and bandages in the first-aid kit for treating injury or pain.

Trail running can be fun, and an experience in itself. However, according to Steven Rindner, one needs to be prepared for taking on with the trail with confidence.

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