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Used for nearly 60 years, the metal frame is a construction method that convinces more and more French people today. Suitable for all projects, it has many qualities, particularly in terms of cost, architecture, solidity and ecology.

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Professional premises, housing, the metal frame makes it possible to conceptualize buildings of all shapes and offers infinite possibilities.

What is a metal frame building?

Long associated with the construction of professional premises (warehouses, sheds), the metal frame structure has now been extended to individuals. Thus, it represents nearly 10% of French single-family homes.

Its method of construction is similar to that of the wooden frame, except that the frame and the beams are made of galvanized steel, a type of steel covered with a layer of zinc.

How is it assembled?

Prefabricated in the factory, the metal frame is then mounted directly on site using a bolting system.

To reinforce the foundation, the structure is placed on a concrete slab which covers the lower floors on insulating slabs. This step facilitates the installation of steel buildings and prepares the support for the construction of steel cages or wood fiber panels, for example.

Metal frame, what are the strengths?

Compared to other materials, the price of steel is very competitive. A metal frame construction can cost up to 30% less than a conventional structure. The construction time is much shorter than that of a classic house. The inherent costs of the project are therefore reduced, which leads to additional savings.

Valuable time saving

The design of a  metal frame building saves nearly 30% of time on the work compared to a conventional construction.

A very light structure

The frame of a steel frame building is lighter and just as effective as the vast majority of materials. This makes its construction simpler and allows it to adapt to all terrains.

100% ecological

Composed of iron and carbon, steel is completely recyclable, without loss, unlike concrete. The speed of its construction makes it possible to use less water and produce less waste. As a result, it is a durable material that is fully in line with an approach that respects the environment.

Great architectural potential

The construction of a metal frame building offers very interesting development prospects. Scalable, it allows extension work to be carried out, without having to modify the initial structure. In this way, it is possible to change the interior configuration very easily.

Steel, a very resistant metal alloy

Steel is an extremely robust material, almost indestructible against shocks. It can also withstand heavy loads.

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