Dog Bite?

Many people become victims of a dog bite each year. Even a very friendly and gentle dog can give you a bite. However, there are times when the dog owner’s negligence is the reason for the dog bite. If you have been a victim of a dog bite, read this article to learn more about what you should do immediately.

Steps to Follow Immediately After a Dog Bite

1. Consult a Doctor

Irrespective of how big the dog bite is, the first step should be going to a doctor and seeking medical care. It can be a possibility of the dog not being vaccinated and infected with rabies. If not treated on time, it can become fatal. Additionally, remember to keep these medical bills with you for the further process.

2. Speak to the Owner

After getting medical attention, you should discuss the case with the dog owner. You should check the reason for their dog’s attack and inform them of all the injuries and expenses that you have had. It is also needed to understand who was at fault.

3. Document Your Injury

It is an essential step in claiming settlement, and hence, you should document everything possible. It would help to take a picture of the wound before the treatment happens. Keep a note of the location, time, and the situation in which the dog attacked. In addition, note down any side effects you may have experienced after the bite.

4. File a Report

You should immediately contact the police and the animal control center and inform them of the dog bite. A police report will help you in claiming your personal injury settlement. Moreover, these authorities will ensure the owner takes responsibility and the dog doesn’t bite anyone.

5. Gather Insurance Information

To claim the settlement amount, you must have the insurance information. You should take the insurance information from the dog owner. Your lawyer will need it during the personal injury settlement claim. 

6. Check for Witnesses

In most cases, it becomes difficult to make anyone liable for the injury. Therefore, it is a good practice to check for witnesses who can come for your help during your case. Remember to look for the ones who must have seen the entire incident.

7. Speak with Lawyer

If the dog bite is severe, you may need to contact your lawyer to claim a settlement amount for medical expenses and other financial losses.  

Wrapping Up

Dogs are friendly animals; however, they can sometimes behave strangely and attack, resulting in a bite. This article can help you if you ever get bitten by a dog or have been a victim.

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