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How to create and enhance your life-size escape game? If you are starting to read this article, you have probably already asked yourself the question. Many entrepreneurs decide to embark on the crazy adventure of escape games and create their own brand. And while escape rooms are fun, creating an escape game isn’t always fun. Several parameters are to be taken into account, we give you our best advice to create and promote your escape game.

Our top tips for creating an escape room

It may seem obvious to you, but to create your escape game, you must first have experienced it so that you do not embark on an adventure in which you do not master the basics. But experiencing the world of escape games does not mean going to one or two rooms. We advise you to play in several rooms in different cities to observe the functioning of each sign, analyze the recurring themes, the number of resources as well as the means and strategies put in place. All these elements will allow you to better understand the market as a whole and will help you to open an escape game in the best conditions.

Ask questions to escape game owners

Once you have tested several rooms, do not hesitate to ask your questions to the owners of escape games. We do not recommend doing this on site as they are usually very busy and will not have much time to answer your questions. However, you can call them to arrange an appointment.

We also recommend that you carry out research on the internet, read blogs, opinions, consult the social networks of brands and contact people who are also in the process of creating their escape game to move forward more serenely in your efforts. . In addition, find out about the regulations in force regarding safety in escape rooms to take all the necessary precautions before the opening of your establishment.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice by email to several brands. The escape game market is full of creative people who will be happy to help you if you email them or call them. You can also meet brand owners at the international conference “Transworld Room Escape Conference and Tour”. You can meet sellers, participate in exhibitions, demos or even seminars organized by market leaders.

Finally, consult the pages of the rooms of all the escape games in France on our Escape Guide platform. You will access a lot of information that can give you ideas and help you better understand the market as a whole.

Write down your ideas

As in any industry, it is always best to create a detailed business plan to create your escape game for several reasons:

This document will allow you not to forget anything before opening the doors of your brand

Write down all the questions you have as you progress

If you work with partners, your business plan will be a good support to explain and clarify your project

If you have no means of financing yourself to launch your activity, investors will be able to consult your business plan and give you the necessary financing.

Creating a business plan is also a good way to fully invest in your project and prepare yourself for the management of your brand.

In the case of an escape game, you will also need a room plan including the following elements:

The number of rooms

Before creating an escape game, first think about how many rooms you want to offer. This will depend above all on your financial means and the size of the premises you are renting/purchasing.

The themes

Choose the different themes for your escape game. You can take inspiration from what other brands are doing, but if you want to stand out, we advise you to bet on original and creative themes. Some escape games even call on directors and actors to reinforce the immersion of the players.

Once you have defined your themes, think about the design of your rooms. Your decorations must be elaborate and immerse visitors in the atmosphere. Avoid the superfluous and put yourself in the shoes of future players who will come to test your brand.

Descriptions of your scenarios

Also remember to work on the descriptions of your rooms because it is largely thanks to these that you will be able to attract potential customers. Don’t do too much or too little. Write descriptions in line with the theme and decor of your rooms.


This may be the most important part. We recommend that you come up with varied and original puzzles. People creating their escape game rely on modern puzzles with connected padlocks for more immersion. Virtual reality escape games (or VR escape games) are also very popular because they allow players to live unique experiences thanks to cutting-edge technologies.

The localisation

The location of your escape room is also important. A store located in the city center is more likely to attract customers. If it is out of the way, make sure there is public transport and parking nearby.

The number of players

How many participants do you want to accommodate per room? In general, an escape game is played between 3 and 5 players but if your rooms are large, you can very well accommodate more. Be sure to find out about the regulations applied in escape game rooms to ensure the safety of players.

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